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Carport Concrete Slabs

Our workmanship in providing concreting services for carport base slabs gives you the best in durability and convenience,

Concrete is usually the material of choice for carport floor bases. The first thing the homeowner should consider when building a carport, is the concrete slab. Pouring a concrete slab is labour intensive, and can be a lot harder than it looks both in effort and ‘know how’. Concrete dries rather quickly and must be in place and levelled within an hour or so of pouring.

Like every other structure, it is essential that the carport has a strong concrete base. A sturdy concrete foundation that is both level squared off and is consistent throughout automatically provides a structural base that can support the weight of the construction, parked vehicles and passengers in those vehicles  

As carports often double as entertainment areas it is important for the base to be safe and also attractive.

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