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Garage Concrete Slabs

A professionally laid concrete garage slab is the strongest most durable and low maintenance option for a garage base. It will be solid and stable offering the strongest foundation for any type of vehicles - including family cars, 4X4’s, vans, boats and motor homes.

Installing a concrete floor is best left to a professional. It will form a major structural component of the building and will significantly effect the appearance and structural integrity of the building if not done correctly.

MiniSlabs can offer the correct concrete mix and construction components, required tools, and the technical “know how” needed like correct measuring, steel fixing, footings, forming, pouring and finishing.

The garage today has many uses and it important to have a smooth, consistant easy care floor in your garage. let us take the stress away and leave you with a professional finish that will last for decades.

Please call us for a no obligation free quote. No pressure selling just good service.


Call Tony now on – PH: 1300 271 679.


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