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Gazebo Concrete Base Slab

It is vital that the base for your gazebo is stable, sound, level and squared off.

It is highly likely that if the site is not on firm ground, stable and completely level your installer may not be able to construct the gazebo to a quality standard as the base may be uneven, crooked, have weak points all of which can seriously impact the final outcome.

Compared to other alternatives, constructing a concrete gazebo base slab is a more demanding project.

First, you must excavate the area and construct formwork to contain concrete. After the correct steel mesh is inserted the concrete can then be poured ensuring the steel mesh is raised off the bottom., strike off the excess, level, and trowel a smooth and consistent finish, all within a few hours it takes for concrete to dry.

If done by MiniSlabs you are sure to be rewarded with an absolutely flat, durable finish that will last for decades with minimal or no maintenance.


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