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A concrete slab is the ideal base for you garden shed. It will prolong the life of you shed, looks great and is far easier to clean than any other garden shed base option.

It is important for the concrete slab to be well constructed as it is the foundation of a good garden shed.

Itís also vital to ensure all the corners are at right angles and the whole slab is level. This will ensure your shed fits on the concrete slab well and is not crooked or sloping.

Your shed is designed to fit on a level surface to be installed correctly, otherwise it may cause the shed to be twisted during installation causing drafts and leaks as well as doors that donít open and close correctly.

We are the recommended provider with a number of garden shed providers as we ensure the best possible product to their customers.

Please call us for a no obligation free quote. No pressure selling just good service.


Call Tony now on Ė PH: 1300 271 679.

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 Thanks Tony

Great job and good service, your team are a great, very polite and tidy tradesmen.

Anthony - Earlwood

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